When the toy factory behind Chucky sets out to relaunch the “Good Guy doll” and dispel the negative publicity surrounding it, they inadvertently return the killer’s soul into a reconstructed Chucky. Soon, an older Andy Barclay — now in foster care — and those around him are being stalked by the pint-sized killer who’s out to finish what he started.

Child's Play 2

Chucky's back! The notorious killer doll with the satanic smile comes back to life in this new chapter depicting the terrifying struggle between young Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) and the demonic doll attempting to possess his soul. Despite being roasted to a crisp in his last escapade, Chucky rises from the ashes after being reconstructed by a toy factory to dispel the negative publicity surrounding the doll. Back in one piece, Chucky tracks his prey to a foster home where the chase begins again in this fiendishly clever sequel to the enormously popular original.

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